Norbert Boruett-Innovating in Medical Education

From tomorrow the World will converge in Indonesia for a conference on Human Capital. The speakers for the conference are persons with a wealth of experience in Human capital development. Investing in people is the best way to go, we need health workers who research, innovate and manage the current disease burdens, notably cancer and other lifestyle diseases. Our reliance on India and other Countries should come to an end, sooner than later.

Competence-based education is the only panacea for Universities and Colleges. I am pleased to note that TUK and TUM have embraced the same and you can be sure their engineering students will be better placed for self or regular employment.

Our farmers need to be empowered to have control of the market, to circumvent the middleman. Value addition is the necessary ie we should export processed leather, coffee, etc. So join the conference by asking a question via the provided link.

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