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Many people are not aware that there is a lot of great text books and content available for free. Broadly they are labelled OER(Open Education Resources). For today i want to introduce you to the OpenStax, that is powered and run by the RICE University. The resources cover, primary, high school, college and Universities. In the recent past i have seen some professional courses. So why spent money on expensive text books, yet they are resources as this ones. So read on the collaboration between HP and OpenStax and later get and account with OpenStax. Share the message

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New HP and OpenStax partnership addresses one of OER’s biggest problems

New learning platform will bring OpenStax content to students with no internet access

Mary K. AllenSep 26, 2017

OpenStax has partnered with HP on its new initiative, the HP Open Learning Platform, to spread the use and accessibility of open educational resources (OER). By doing so, we will address one of the biggest problems that’s plagued OER providers since the conception of OER: getting OER, which are oftentimes housed in online platforms, to students without regular internet access.

The HP Open Learning Platform, part of the new HP School Cloud, is a hybrid cloud appliance, “meaning it acts as both an advanced wireless router and state-of-the-art file and content server,” according to HP’s recent announcement regarding the initiative. “Each device will leverage a range of free, open source educational material from OpenStax…Schools without internet access can simply install an HP School Cloud, turn it on, and let students dive into millions of e-textbooks and thousands of lessons on reading, science, mathematics, and more.”

According to Internet World Stats, around half of the world’s people still do not have regular access to the internet. This means that the vast amount of information and resources available on the internet, including openly licensed resources like OpenStax’s series of textbooks, remain out of reach for half the world’s learners. EducationSuperHighway, whose mission is to close the connectivity gap in K-12 schools, estimates that 6.5 million public school students attend a school that’s not connected to the internet within the United States alone. Unfortunately, the areas and school districts without internet access typically serve students with lower household incomes — the very students who would benefit from OER the most.

OpenStax have taken an important step for the future of OER and education. Lack of internet access should never be a barrier for students to get the educational materials they need. Until the entire world is connected, we need many more partnerships like this one in order to make education and OER more accessible and equitable. We’re excited to help bridge that gap.

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