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Assignment Writing

Describe personality types and tools used to describe them. Describe the relationship between leadership style and personality types. Describe people skills that are necessary for negotiation and conflict resolution. Describe how work is delegated. Describe individual goals that are relate. The assignment has been lifted from -Project Management for Instructional design by Wiley et al(2018). This is allowed since it has been created under a licence that allows us to use material so long as we don’t sale it. Here is link of the book. 

The task here is to modify the assignment to fit an health  Professional Manager . So lets all contribute, attribute, release and empower the assignment.


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  1. 1.Causes of underdevelopment
    High level of illiteracy-high populace of people are illiterate and even those learned have undergone inadequate education system.This hampers greatly participation of the masses in development processes.
    Colonial legacies_ colonialism led to retardation of technological and industrial development due to neglect of industrialisation.Transport and infrustructure that was built during colonial period was unevenly distributed.
    Political uncertainity and wars_massive corruption and widwspread abuses of human rights that provides a germinating ground for political unrest and conflicts over limited resources.
    Decisjon making is top_down_decisions made favours highly the ruling class interests therefore forcing people to accept what has been decided elsewhere.
    Lack of official ideology_most countries lack official ideologies which lead to a lot of confusion in developing states.
    2.Two development theories.
    Cognitive constructivism_centers on the idea that children are active and motivated learners.students create their own meaning through interaction with the envirnment.he based it on cognitive maturity four stages namely sensorimotor,preoperational,concrete operational and formal operations.
    Social constructivism_believed that learning is a social process .believed that language plays a major role in learning.
    3.Three factors that contribute to good governance.
    Accountability_power given through laws and regulation they implement,resources they control and organisations they manage.
    Transparency_transparent decision making is critical to make sound decisions and investments.
    Participation_consultation in the development of policies and decision making.involvement of public in decision making.
    4.Three cores values of development.
    To increase the availability and widen the distribution of basic life sustaining goods.
    To create levels of living .
    Freedom to choose greater leisure.
    5.Development impact on health care.
    Better heath care is center to human happiness and also contributes to economic progress as a healthy populations live longer ,more productive and save more.
    Investment in roads can improve access to health services.
    Inflation targets can constrain health spending.
    Civil service reform can create opportunities or limits to hire more workers

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