Norbert Boruett-Innovating in Medical Education

Competencies for Clinical officers and nurse practitioners.

Definitions of terms:

Clinical officer: Degree or Diploma holder of clinical medicine and surgery

Nurse Practitioners: Degree or Diploma in Clinical medicine

Competencies: blend of knowledge skills and attitudes:


Kenya like most developing Countries lack specialist to offer services in the rural areas. Yet the Government and other private hospitals have attempted to take medical technology to the rural areas. The recent recruitment by the Government of Cuban Doctors(specialist) to work in the rural is evidence of the felt need of specialists.

Other Countries, particularly those of South Africa region have equipped paramedics ( Clinical officers, Nurses) with skills that have been restricted to medical officers ie Caesarian sections. Traditionally in Kenya clinical officers have been administering anaesthesia with great success. Many Kenyans have had cataract surgeries performed by clinical officers with great success.

Having been around for sometimes, I am aware of many clinical officers who pursued a  degree in medicine in our local universities and some are currently taking masters. The opportunities are rare and many retire without getting the opportunities. Notwithstanding the cost is quite prohibitive.

It is my considered opinion that if we tweak the curricula of our paramedic, and counties sponsor a number of them to Cuban( by this country has one of the best health system in the World), we shall take health to all before 2030. The purpose of this article is generate a list of competencies have been reserved for Medical officers, yet we have the feeling it can be executed by clinical officers or nurse practitioners  :


This document has been created within WordPress. Be the originator I would us to improve on it and add in more materials. Put, succinctly I would nurses, clinical officers, medical officers to add below competencies that we think clinical have or require some training, so that they can offer to rural population or even our slum dwellers:

Competencies – kindly enumerate below:

  1. Caesarian section for example

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